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Urban Tigress. New York City. Fashion. Gluttony. JE$U$. Erotica. Trap Life. Reblogging isn't my style. I Do It For The Ratchets.. MEOW (。♥‿♥。)

Jan 1st at 6PM / 0 notes
Starting off 2014 right

Starting off 2014 right

Nov 30th at 11PM / 51 notes

R.I.P. you sexy motherfucker 💔😭

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Nov 27th at 12AM / 230 notes

gross  (✖╭╮✖)

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Nov 27th at 12AM / 24 notes

 apparently lady gaga was cokehead

Nov 27th at 12AM / 613 notes

things i say

Nov 24th at 7PM / 115 notes

'cause i don't give a fuck.

Nov 23rd at 12AM / 25 notes

i can bring my pain

Nov 22nd at 11PM / 507 notes

You stupid f*#king abortion.

Nov 22nd at 11PM / 25 notes

when i pretend everything is fine

Nov 22nd at 10PM / 4,108 notes

convo with my mom